Is it possible anyway to define the importance of mobile marketing because it is as essential for business growth as with any other areas of business? Let’s consider the fact that almost a billion 

Smartphone are already sold in 2013 and more than half of all Americans use their smartphones for daily Internet searching and that 80% of Americans use their smartphones to shop. Therefore, it’s pretty much clear that mobile devices are important not only for communication but also for information gathering and commerce.

      1. Make investment in Mobile Website

      Let’s review some useful tips for an effective mobile website:
  • A good mobile site is one that requires little, if any, scrolling. Try to minimize content so that everything fits “above the fold."
  • Minimize the zoom in or out, or to resize the window, in order to clearly read the text. 
  •  It also makes navigation extremely clear and easy. Again, if the user has to zoom in or out to access the links or buttons, it’s not a good mobile site. 
  •  Finally, note that a good mobile site loads quickly—more or less instantly. If it takes your site more than a couple of seconds to load, try cutting back on the images you’re using.    

      2. Consider an App

Not all businesses require apps but app development is key in mobile marketing and a good app is practically one that allows your customers to check their accounts, pay bills, purchase products, search your database or do something that they might otherwise have hard time doing.

      3. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

In the age of social media it’s very easy to predict that email marketing is going to be dead. Butt the fact is that people still open emails and the accessibility is what matters here and emails rank as a major activity in mobiles. 

A useful tip: Sending messages that are direct and communicate immediate value.

      4. Send Timely Texts

SMS marketing is a major tool for retailers, restaurants and businesses of all kinds. Invite your customers and clients to sign up for text message list. 

And ultimately get into the fold and adopt social media so make sure to publish compelling content that can be shared via Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever is their social network of choice.