Does your Twitter marketing strategy feel like ineffectual? Have you been stumbling around Twitter trying to get more followers without really knowing how? Do you have a clueless expression on your face every time you sit down to type out a company tweet? Well you needn’t worry so much anymore because here we’ve got a short list of basic twitter strategies to help you launch your presence on everyone’s favorite 140 character-post social network!

  1. Read the news. Did I say ‘read’? I meant devour. The only thing that will keep your brand fresh in the eyes of tweeters and twitterers is if your posts are occasionally connected to current events. Finding and expressing a funny (not irreverent) side to controversy or popular movements will earn you lots of brownie points with the twitter nation.
  2. Tweet consistently and tweet often. But remember that your tweets shouldn’t sound forced. Instead, try sharing stuff that you find interesting, geeky, cool and well made.
  3. Don’t serve up the same fare every day. Diversify your posts and include angles drawn from far ranging topics. This will make your posts seem exciting and out of the ordinary and will hone your sense of humor – an essential talent when tweeting.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with re-tweeting stuff and contrary to what some people say, re-tweets aren’t the retreat of the uncreative mind.  Twitter is a social network and that makes sharing tweets a prerequisite. But do remember to add your own take to any topic that you think merits a re-tweet, since you’ll be staking a fraction of your online reputation on the topics that you choose to float about.
  5. This may contradict all the advice that other people have shared, but I’m going to suggest that you don’t pay attention to metrics too much. Just do your thing, do it well and you’ll see results pouring in!
  6. It’s a bad idea to handle everything yourself unless you’re quite the gifted conversationalist and a social butterfly to boot. In case you’re neither, a quick fix is to get your employees on board and have them contribute to your company’s tweets. Not only does this mix up your personality, but also adds a medley of voices to your Twitter presence and woos a broader audience.
  7. Your Twitter handle is likely to heavily influence the kind of responses that your receive. With that in mind I suggest you treat your Twitter handle like an exercise in branding. Something easy to remember with a direct link to your real-world brand would work nicely.
  8. Locate the bigwigs in your industry and follow them. Re-tweet their posts and comment on the events that are likely to shake them up or bring smiles to their faces. Where ever there exists controversy in your industry, make sure you stay right on top of it.