So you want to build a successful business, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Networking! Great it is an absolute choice for marketing your B2B offerings. But the first stumble block comes when you are just starting out and need to establish an ongoing relationship with customers and prospects.

The Solution:

Purchase a list that is genuine and organic. You can do so by:
  • Building an in-house database by adding an email sign-up forum to your websites and social networking websites.
  • Following traditional sign-up forms to be included at your trade shows, store events etc and within no time email addresses start coming in automatically.


The make or break step – the ‘welcome’ mail. Be calm and figure out the exact deliverability of your first impression. You should not sound desperate yet should be exciting enough to generate required interests.
Do not worry as here I am to help you out with some great email starter tips:

1.      Never mistake the ‘From’ Line:

Oh yes, you do not want to mess this. No kidding. The ‘from’ line is one of the first things people see, even your subject line. Make sure it has clearly mentioned you and your company’s name.

2.      Be reminiscent:

New subscribers can be forgetful. Send emails to remind them how they got on your mailing list or when/where they signed up for your emails (e.g., at a specific event, on Facebook, etc.).

3.      Include ‘Fun’ quotient:

Break out from the crowd and be a fun element, anything funny can be easily registered into consumers mind. Infuse a little personality to mean more than just business – building relationships

4.      Be Mr. Dependable

Using vital relevant colors from your website and sketch your emails with the same. Relevancy would pitch your brand permanently in your customers’ memory.

5.      Give ‘More’:

Welcome your subscribers with more information about your company background like the FAQ section or your blog, that can set an synchronization fostering relationship building with customer or prospect.

6.      High on Social:

Link and blink to receive the wonder results. Link Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and any other social networks you may be on. Don't forget your blog, too.

7.      Set Expectations:

Don’t leave abruptly just set a simple expectation it can be as simple as saying, "Once a week, you'll get an email from us jam-packed with (fill in the blank) ideas and inspiration."

Have you received any memorable welcome emails? Share it with us we are eager to hear!!