Why the need to analyze? Well it can be a make or break factor for online marketing. It is essential to analyze that not only are you analyzing but you are analyzing the right things for your business. Identifying and tracking the right metrics would help you develop a successful marketing campaign and improve your search engine.

How can we achieve that?
Monitoring effectiveness of your website's online marketing, marketers often place importance to tools like PageRank, traffic rates and top 30 rankings while there are 5 more important key indicators to track your online marketing metrics:

1.       Clickthrough rate:

It is the most basic and general used metrics in all of digital marketing. Avoid relying completely on it as it gives only a basic overview of how the things are looking in a nutshell and do not provide deeper insights.

2.       End Action rate:

Its any action that you are trying to achieve through your website, need not necessarily be sales. Observing the end action rate would give an understanding whether your campaigns are successful or not.

3.       Bounce rate:

If the users are leaving your website within 30 secs of its landing, something surely is wrong with the content. Analyzing the bounce rate would give you an idea of whether you are o the right track or not.

4.       Backlink profile:

If you really want to improve page rankings of your website start to create a natural backlink profile and the links connecting to your website should come from high quality sites and be relevant to your industry.

5.       Performance measure:

It analyses the efficiency of an investment. If you are using search engine optimization to help rate your search results rank higher, a proper measurable system should measure the return on investment from your SEO.

Have you ever tried any of the above key indicators to track online marketing metrics, let us know about your experience. Till then, keep blogging!!