Backlinks are perhaps the most important aspect of any SEO strategy and play a massive role in determining your levels of online visibility. But it drives me nuts when I see businesses wasting their time with substandard practices that generate dubious results. 

Here I’ve put together a little list of things EVERY business should consider before implementing a back linking strategy.

Yoke Yourself To Your Browser!
The best SEO results come from blistered fingers and battered keyboards. The kind of hard work that you put into link building pays off much better than any automation programs that you’ll implement. This is largely because automated backlinking tools don’t usually deliver the kind of highly relevant links that Google and other search engines look for when determining your page rank.  

Consistency Is The Key!

Backlinking is a daily task that must be executed on a continuous basis, without missing a beat. The problem with so many in-house SEO marketers, however, is that they fail to deliver the consistency and the commitment that is vital to building the necessary number of back links.

Search engines consider the number of inbound links gained over particular stretches of time when formulating your ranking score. That means a sudden spurt in backlinks, followed by a sudden dive in the same will hurt your rankings. Plus, there no real reason to go from 2 backlinks to 2000 in a single day.

Ideally, a backlinking strategy should be a long term commitment that with incremental increases. An effective plan entails setting a daily backlink quota – this ensure a steady build up of back links without compromising on quality.

Quality vs. Quantity
Quality is way more important than quantity when it comes to back links. A thousand back links from lowly directories and random pages will not outweigh the benefits that a series of high PR back links can deliver.

But nonetheless, quantity does play a significant role too. An excellent method to adopt is one where the quality of the back links progressively decreases until you hit an acceptable quality threshold. This allows you to spend time on acquiring strong links while developing quantity towards the tail end of your back linking spree.

Don’t Get Scammed!
Learn the difference between SEO scams and true-blue SEO operations. A con-man is likely to promise you a hefty number of back links and sharp increases in traffic, while a genuine expert will tell you that SEO is a process that takes months and involves every aspect of your website as well as sustained backlinking strategies.

Be The Man In The White Hat!
It’s been said a thousand times before, but here I’ll say it again, purely because people just don’t seem to get it. Black hat tactics will only work in the very, very short term. Why? Because search engines are getting smarter by the day and are rapidly eliminating the loopholes in their processes by making it more complex and adding more variables to the ranking system. Chances are the exploit you used will be spotted in a couple of months and your ranking plummets.