Never has any marketer doubted the importance of YouTube in business strategy. Well how can they when it has almost 1 billion unique users a month who watch over 6 billion unique users  a month to watch over 6 billion hours of video. Not only are they watching a lot of video but they are sharing in huge numbers too. If you ask for details almost seven hundred YouTube links are shared on Twitter every minute and 100 million people take a social action on YouTube each week. 

Videos – Great Opportunity for Marketers

But wait a recent study conducted by The Relevancy Group and sponsored by StreamSend evaluated the effectiveness of video in email marketing. They interviewed 266 marketing executives and out of those 266, that is 25% are using video in email marketing efforts while 80% responded that they were somewhat or very likely to begin using video.

But were you waiting for the big news, well here it is – Videos in email marketing campaigns increased email marketing revenue by 40%.

Therefore it comes as a shock that so few marketers are actually using videos when the ROI is so high. The study also exposed couple of factors resulting in lack of participation:

·         43% responded that they didn’t have enough content
·         27% cited increased costs of video production
·         24% said they had other email marketing priorities

Tips to Combat Video Marketing Challenges 

1. Generate unique content for Videos

Just go back and review your past content pieces like blogposts, eBooks, tip sheets etc and think about how you can repurpose them as video content. Different media highlight information in different ways so don’t feel you’re being redundant by repurposing content. Video lets you be more conversational, taking a more show not tell approach.

·   2. Start Small

When shooting video do not treat is as huge production special effects. Start small with a camera, a simple background, some microphones and one or two people talking about a topic of relevance to your customer, press record and get started. 

·   3. Look forward

Consumers love to see and share videos. So maybe it takes time but do not underestimate the power of this ruling tool for connecting with audiences. Share knowledge and conduct one to one session to answer their questions.

Using video marketing will pose you ahead of the competition and never be late for such parties.