Thomson Data, is a registered U.S. based company with no allied international location is started their identity and customer awareness campaign to fight against the scams, suspicious emails and Identity theft.

ThomsonData LLC recently released their official announcement about the fake brands are trying to copy their brand name using some extended domain names and trying to confusing their clients.

Fraud and Customer Awareness Campaign - Thomson Data LLC

It’s difficult to copy any brand name, but not impossible. Rigorous scam emails requesting client adherence are sent frequently, shamelessly using a extended domain name of (www.thomsondata**.com). It’s a pure request from Thomson Data LLC, directed to partners for being more vigilant towards mails asking for quote filling out any contact forms or any related queries. Thomson Data LLC making sure that the offending events stop at early as possible without interrupting the service policies.

Campaign was started on 20th-Aug and it continues till end of this month.


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