Video SEO has been one of the new tricks that most marketers seem to gone for a miss. Though videos sum up to an important medium for drawing traffic, businesses across the world are still apprehensive to take up the challenge. So lets discuss four simple steps that would your video content into a powerful driver of organic search traffic, but videos work differently to web pages in search engines and this technical detail is causing a lot of brand to miss out.

Marketers Miss out by not Bothering
There’s no doubt that most marketers are spending huge amount of money to improve their position in search engines through SEO, but very few are doing the same for Video SEO although its lot simpler. Why? The competition within the sector is low and it’s 50 times easier to reach page one of Google with a video than it is a web page.
  • Your Videos are Google proof
Search engines are still not equipped to see what’s going on in the video, so adjusting the edit won’t result in search engine ranking. Metadata is the key, information that exists about the video that search engines use to determine what to display on search engine page results.
  • Google Index for Videos
When Google display video result in SERP, those result significantly come from querying Google’s video index, which is a big index of all the videos on the web that Google knows about. It can automatically include anything that’s public in Youtube and those that are hosted in website.
  • Videos aren’t always the part of search
Google had the option to display video results but this has recently moved off the default navigation menu for most people and into ‘More’.  So now, your video SEO work is primarily focused on richer information to determine its own search engine result.

Factors having an impact on YouTube positioning:
  • Metadata – Video title, description and tags (just like Google video search).
  • Number of comments and shares.
  • Date added (new videos will rank highly).
  • View count (and channel view count, number of subscribers and playlist adds).
  • Rating and flagging.
  • Incoming links (exposure on other sites, other embeds, RSS links).
So have any of you tried Video SEO, how helpful has it been? Let us know we are eager to hear about it..