Since the rise of SEO, there has been multiple strategies that has come and rocked through the way, but very few of them have been able to leave a mark. The dynamics behind search engine has improved over the years to the point where sometimes their ability to determine relevancy between the phrases you searched for and the results shown is impressive. Now if you combine such observations with what you read in webmaster’s guidelines from either Bing or Google, you can deduct that a lot of old school SEO is not just necessary anymore.

Attribute Pages 

Let’s say if you have a product site and those products number in hundreds and thousands, there are probably many different ways to group those products using attributes. An attribute can be any feature such as a size or color. The SEO tactic is straightforward in that you create individual pages, each of which lists products with attributes that have the same value and then optimizes the content around that attribute value.

Geographic Location Pages 

Quite similar to attribute pages, geographic location pages group things together, except in this case where grouping is based on proximity around a location – Zip code, city coordinates. Basic knowledge of local SEO would have enabled you that when given a search phrase with a location, Google will likely favor local specific results that are an exact match on the location. The SEO solution is to build out geo-specific pages that target the locations around the area in which you have a physical listing.

Varied Content 

If your business is one with multiple locations, you have probably created a page for each location and have included the same content on each pages with only address being different. Logical as any user landing on these pages will be given a description of your business while also being shown an address. Its also possible to increase organic performance of these “duplicate” pages using varied content.

A complete understanding would allow you not to follow the thoughts blindly but have a full consideration of your own experiences with the mighty Google.