Every online company more or less is becoming a media company, why? First Video is becoming easier and cheaper to produce, secondly allowing brands to drive better customer attention and engagement. These two drivers are most important while driving a virtual conference. While five years ago, producing 8-15 video talks (TED style) would have been a costly endeavor that only large organizations could afford.

Today, every production aspect, from video equipment through specialized manpower, is much more accessible. While video production still requires a high level of expertise, there are many professionals out there that can do much more with less.

Here are five reasons why video marketing is the new zing factor in video marketing.

1. Fastrack pipeline deals

In this digital arena virtual summit significantly increased the speed at which deals closed. Providing a more interactive medium to learn about offerings and services, a fresh approach seemed to please most clients.

2. Reach more prospects and clients

The volume of people registering for the event was much more than a traditional vendor conference for the simple reason of less travel.

3. Deriving more insight

Gaining more insight into what attendees are more interested in, virtual conferences gives the option of opting what presentations to attend, which virtual exhibitor “booths” to visit and who to speak with during the event.

4. Massive targeted networking

Via virtual conference, a genuinely interactive dimension can be added so that attendees can easily identify other attendees to whom they would like to chat.

5. Easy booth visitor capture

Presence of a virtual booth at a video conference, exhibitors don’t need to worry about accurately recording the details of their visitors or scanning their badges as anyone who enter the booth is automatically recorded. Even exhibitors can search attendees by job title/company name/country.

6. Capture great content

A virtual conference can be a great excuse to execute all those videos you always wanted to create and never had the time to budget.

7. Gaining valuable experience

Some thinkers would still favor the personal-physical experience but for organization with little event production experience, a virtual conference could be a good way to gain valuable experience in coordinating speakers and structuring an effective marketing plan.

So have you tried virtual conferences? If yes, then share with us we are eager to hear!!