As a B2B marketer do you think it’s easier to judge social media and SEO in silos. If it is then I shall say it’s going to be a very limited perception of both their capabilities. Most search engines rank web content partially based on “trust” conveyed more comfortably through social media. The logic that applies here is search engines consider content to be valuable that has bagged the maximum number of likes, retweets and likes. So search engines ranks what people want to see and social media is the most trustable indicator in this.

Modifying to rank higher
It’s suggested to write content keeping SEO in mind and most social sites allow you to include a description of your business; therefore make the most of it by including important keywords with an engaging style. Here are few tips to help you out:

  • Customize the URL

What are your views, a Facebook URL that looks like or one that looks like Once you receive more than 25 likes Facebook allows you to customize the URL.

  • Post shareable content

For SEO purposes it’s recommended to share links to content that might actually get shared, as it is the only way to improve social signals and boost the ranking of your content.

  • Link to Social Profiles

A wide social media presence would require you to include link to social profiles on your website, blog, local profiles, industry directories that will help your brand to expand online and gain exposure/ followers for your social pages.

  • Join Google+

Google+ has been around for a while now but adoption is slow among marketers, after all they have hard time managing LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and an extra addition seems a burden.
But do not forget Google+ is a Google product and any content that you share gets noticed easily and ranked more quickly by search engines.

Follow the above basic steps and convert your ranking issue into a simplified solution. Want to know more about SEO related topics keep following us and don’t forget to share your views.