Social media is a vast domain and there are no proper set ways to utilize it. It depends particularly on the business working insights of different companies that shall define the social media practices of companies. Years of product marketing driven writing or content as we now know it, has honed their skills on feature-based marketing. But this is boring!!

New expectations:
Yes consumers today have different expectations – they want solutions to the problems. Once your target audience has been identified, find their pain points and then treating them
Tips for Social Media Post Success

Include Keywords in Headlines

Forget what you want to speak about, include keywords that your customers use while making a search about your products or solutions.

Mention Adjectives in the Headline

So even headlines have to be attractive or captivating, as you establish your authority on subject matter every post is an opportunity to draw new visitors.

Put a compelling Image

Technologies are there to back you up, use Instagram or Flickr to put a compelling image or you can even use same stock photogram available on both the platforms.

Solve Problems

Ever wondered why “How to” posts are so popular in different industries is that they answer questions and if search engines finds your answer most suitable B2B searches probability of your posts showing on top becomes higher.

Populate Customer Stories

Leverage existing customers’ stories to portray what you can do for next in line, solving complex business problems with products and services.

Utilize Video

Video is a powerful way to tell a story, a post embedded with video shall can catch attention in a different way than a written post. Make sure to keep it short within five minutes or so.

Experiment with Different Formats

Try shorter posts if you have a simple comment about industry news or longer analytical posts for portraying views or an all image posts, keep trying different formats.

Use sub-heads to Make it Scannable

For the people on the web scan, sub heads make it easier to glean some information from your post without much time to read.

For all the above to be fruitful make sure you are foundable on social networks and then you are good to go.