Everyone seems to be in love with the term “Free”, so here I am solving one of your dreaded issues of listing 10 best online strategies, that too for free. So you have just built a website and start expecting the traffic to pour in. Unfortunately the logic doesn't work like that. Search engines do not rank your page without you first employing certain marketing strategies, nor will potential customers frequent your page on a regular basis without some sort of incentive.

So what else can you do? Worry not as I offer you some easy-to-follow tips (for free) that will definitely provide with a traffic boost:

SEO Marketing Tips

1.      Avoid using Javascript menus and image links

Spider crawlers, or the technology search engines do not read Javascript, therefore use simple HTML on your website.

2.      Focus on quality content

All of your website content including blog content or help pages should be well written, including links with quality information that will draw traffic.

3.      Do not overdose content with keywords

Ignore the old principle rather use a smart keyword strategy of using keyword focused title tag while mentioning keywords in the text whenever it requires to.

4.      Guest Blog

Look for similar websites and ask if you can write a guest post on their site, back linking to your website and this logic works only if the website you’re writing for fits into your website category.

5.      Fresh, relevant content

If you are into cleaning business your website needs a blog and you will be required to update it often.

Customer Marketing Tips

1.      Host a Contest

If you have something of a giveaway, you can boost your site’s traffic and visibility by holding a contest or listing these giveaways after ordering a certain amount.

2.      Giveaways

At Biowars.com site administrators offer site visitor a free comic book for stopping by their web page. Such giveaways build both your brand recognition and entice customer for buying.

3.      Personalize emails

Create personal profile studying customer behaviors and then personalize email accordingly, sending them to dedicated people.

4.      Social Network

Do not stake your business by being absent on Facebook or Twitter rather slowly increase your presence by subscribing to other related sites like LinkedIn and Google+.

5.      Create brand advocates

Include testimonials and capture whatever good your customers have to say about you both written and video.

Waste no more time and employ above strategies on your website, for free!!