Content marketing, for its any other benefit, can also be an excellent tool to drive subscriptions. Lets overview some excellent examples, nearly 200,000 people have signed regular content updates from Brian Clark and his software business, Copyblogger Media. Kraft Foods has over 1 million people who request and pay to receive its print magazine, Kraft Food & Family. 

Speaking to majority of marketers proved the importance of collecting email address as one of the major priority, none mentioned the importance of generating subscribers as key to achieving their content marketing goals.

This posed a big problem. Coz if people like most of your content it’s most likely that people would come back to read more of your content again. 

An internal study conducted by Content Marketing Institute revealed the following objectives for content marketing plan developed by any online organization:
  • Brand Awareness – 79%
  • Customer Acquisition – 74%
  • Lead Generation – 71%
  • Customer Retention / Loyalty – 64%
  • Thought Leadership – 64%
  • Engagement – 63%
  • Website Traffic – 60%
  • Lead Management/ Nurturing – 45%
  • Sales – 43%

Bring in More Subscriptions

It’s surprising how companies are not prepared for the valuable returns achieved through one, unified goal of subscription, start thinking beyond brand awareness and leadership.
Subscriptions for most media companies are best known as Circulation. The circulation of a magazine or newsletter is what you sell against. So let’s discuss few tips to drive subscriptions:
  • Make content-for-content-offers

When you see more and more readers are engaging in your content, make sure you have a clear offer that takes your content to the next level. This may mean including a values eBook, research report, or white paper, in exchange for subscribing to your email list.
  • Pop ups Work

As a reader you may loathe it, but as a content marketer it can be your best chance to take a crate a peak into your customer’s attention. Services like Pippity integrated with WordPress can do wonders for bringing in subscribers.
  • Focus

Don’t confuse your readers with 100 of offers at a time, your goal is subscription achieve the same with clean call to action.

Once you focus on subscription as your goal makes sure to find out what a subscriber can do to your business compared to a non-subscriber. Once you figure out the little known secret half of your content marketing battle is won.