Well yes digital marketing are on rise and what more to say this year its going to be the year of digital. Proven by the results of a survey conducted by CMO in both B2B and B2C digital marketing are on rise. The CMO survey is undertaken by the pulse of chief marketing officers annually.

The study is sponsored by both the Fuqua School of business at Duke University and the American Marketing Association. The then ProfessorChristine Moorman and T. Austin Finch highlighted the striking fact that startling as the spending on traditional marketing methods has declined sharply while spending on digital in both B2B and B2C marketing climbed over 10%. 

Social Media - The Trigger:

Now this growth requires a continued shift from traditional marketing methods including print advertising and direct mail, to ward digital marketing solutions, including social media. Alongwith that shift comes a growing demand for employees to implement the new strategies and tactics for growth available jobs.
Gartner Inc, a leading Information technology and research group concluded, the top three Internet marketing activities among companies surveyed in their recent report, includes the corporate website, social media and digital advertising. Gartner also reports that the increased reliance on technology-driven marketing solutions has created new roles for marketers among corporate technology and marketing teams. New roles for marketers include previously unknown titles such as chief marketing technologist.

With an expected growth of Internet marketing comes an increasing demand for people ready to fill in new positions. Ashley Friedlin, CEO of digital marketing researcher Econsultancy predicts a “war for digital talent” in the near future as the size of digital teams needed to manage this new type of marketing grows. For example, Friedlein explains that in 2009, 60 percent of marketers surveyed had fewer than 10 employees in their digital marketing teams, but by 2012, that number shrank to 17 percent with teams that small.

As digital methods increase, demand for skilled digital marketers is likely to increase, and degrees in digital marketing are likely to become a highly sought-after commodity among job seekers.

Get Digitized

So what’s stopping you when the entire marketing space is getting digitized, adopt, accept and move forward with the most forthcoming technologies of the era. Till then keep blogging.