I bet there are more than thousands of B2B marketers who still hasn’t started to utilize the YouTube mania to its advantages. You may be one of them. Such crossover beliefs of marketers have left one of the interesting and innovative sites behind, but let me tell you the benefits of including YouTube in your marketing strategy, it’s better than Facebook too. YouTube can prove to be marketing tool, Cannot believe, here let’s take a look at some interesting figure (source siliconcloud.com):

  • Nearly one out of every two people on the internet visits YouTube.
  • If YouTube were a country, they’d be the third largest country in the world after China and India.
  • All of the Ad Age top 100 brands now advertise on YouTube.
Let’s work upon the facts and list you reasons as to how YouTube can be one of the most effective advertising tools:

1.  YouTube = Facebook:

YouTube is as popular as Facebook, maybe because it’s a video site YouTube popularly is not viewed at par with other social networking site. It’s the same concept with the same purpose – getting your business advertising out there. But with YouTube you can get an extra advantage to be creative and ignoring a site with the reach of YouTube doesn't make much sense.

2.  Video Mania:

Could you find as to why people watch videos more than listening to radio. Videos are obviously more engaging than just mere songs and if you can get people to watch one video chance are there that they will watch another and another, that’s addictive viewing YouTube has been credited with it.

3.  Video Fever Increases:

Videos are not fad. Simple. YouTube is only 8 yrs old and its already breaking records similar to Facebook which is a year older. Online video streaming offers a level of engagement that marketers could only think about a few years ago.  And now when it is served in a golden plate marketer refuse to accept it.

While writing this piece of content I am on YouTube downloading the latest online marketing strategies. Only if B2B marketers get over their cross over beliefs only can they understand the true value that YouTube can create.