For SEO triumphs, there are no shortcuts. But what frustrates most website owners is that SEO is a slow moving process and it takes time its own sweet time to build any remarkable momentum. They are used to spend relentlessly on marketing, promotions or advertising plan that is going to result in a quick ROI. SEO comparatively takes time. Well that is not the case with SEO.

However SEO is an important component of online marketing. People turn to search engines for information about products, services, businesses. A good search engine presence is what is required and every website owners knows this but are always on the look for SEO turnaround. But website owners, business owners, current and potential SEO – there is no such thing as SEO shortcuts!

Well if you are looking for shortcuts, trying to figure out a scheme, well speaking frankly there is nothing as such possible. Instead, website owners should be using that time towards something that will actually be beneficial to their website.

SEO Process:

It is simple SEO process. If you want that your website shall not be penalized or lose search ranking due to massive algorithm update, the best way to spend your time is the “white hat strategy”. This would obviously require years of hard work and commitment.

While signing up for “white hat strategy” it is important to know that there is no hard start or end date. In order to achieve SEO results, and then maintain or improve those SEO results, the campaign never really “ends”. Scaling back on SEO can result in a dip in traffic and visitor growth over time.

Get back to Basics:

Stop looking for SEO shortcuts, follow SEO best practices set forward by search engine webmaster guidelines. Devote ample time researching the industry, the market online, target audience online behavior and strategies of the competitors.

Next, follow a proper keyword research. Be thorough and conduct keyword research for every single page of the website Not only will this provide you with a list of potential keywords to incorporate into existing site content but it will also give you a list of potential keywords to be targeted in new content, like blog posts. 

Once on site SEO has been completed, link building is the ongoing component of white hat SEO. Content based links hold the most weight and are shared in social media, improving social signals. Good SEO may take some time but the results are worth waiting for. Any suggestions?