Project Management is one of the important aspects of any marketing journey, getting it wrong impact the entire essence of the plan. Especially small business owners have to be extra careful as the mistakes committed are the same when they start a business. Proper planning and understanding of business is what make a project or a business successful.

So for your further convenience let me discuss four common mistakes and solutions while implementing a successful Project Management.

1. Setting Project Goals:

Treat it similar as to how you shall treat to your new business. Everything starts with a clearly defined Goal and to achieve those goals there has to standardized procedure. Just imagine the confusion that might be created when everybody starts working on a project under project management software, some of which do not have business dashboards for project team members to refer to as the project continued.

Solution: Take some time out and set out a well defined approach, with some kind of project management software that works well with your company.

2. Choosing Right Team Members:

The most important part of any project management team. Efforts of the rightly chosen team members are directly proportional to success of the project. Some business people fail to ascertain the fact that every individual have to contribute towards project.

Solution: Every team member should have the job description before being hired, with proper tasks and responsibilities.

3. Avoid Over Management of Project:

Micro managing projects has sometimes ruined the best of projects that could have completed successfully.

Solution: Set project guidelines, procedures and policies, choose the team leader and members and get out of the way. Just check in some time to analyze the progress of the project and that’s it, Nothing more!!

4. Lack of Interest:

Failing to participate when the team asks for input can be just as harmful. If you set up projects policies and procedures correctly from the beginning everything can made out with flash of minutes by looking at the reports.

Solution: Maintain every detail, participate when required but keep a hawk’s eye in project progress.

Hope this read would have answered your queries about the success and minor hiccups that you witness while implementing project management. Till then, keep blogging!!