If you feel entangled with numerous marketing strategies, you would be definitely searching for a shortcut success to content marketing. In the current environment in which customer’s attention is fragmented, the best idea among marketers to capture interest and engagement is Content. Interesting and compelling content can help marketers to tell a story but on other hand it can be expensive and cumbersome to create one. Also marketers are always on the lookout for a star in content that can draw maximum ROI.

The most cost-effective content types are articles, video and white papers, according to a January 2013 study of marketing decision-makers worldwide conducted by CopyPress, a software company specializing in content marketing tools.

Featured articles were able to draw almost 62.2% and made most marketers happy. Articles and Whitepapers can be a less complex and labor-intensive content solutions, but these stars also have challenges of their own. A pertinent question among most marketers is what role authorship should play in marketing content creation. So shall this articles come from specific individuals or shall be the focus on the entire brand itself.

The CopyPress study found that approximately two-thirds of respondents considered authorship to play an important role in their content marketing strategy, while one-third did not. Authorship generally refers to whether articles are bylined, and whether those bylines are from high-profile individuals.

Topping among the stars was Video. This being a special part of content marketing strategy is said to bring around 51.9% of ROI. However videos being not free of challenges, almost 49.8% of marketers described it difficult to create. And despite the fact that many marketers are having success with video content, half believed that video was “overpriced.”

Here is the comprised result of the study conducted by CopyPress:

Featured Articles – 62.2%
Videos – 51.9%
White papers – 45.6%
Photos – 37.8%
Interactive media – 36%
Sales copy – 29.7%
Infographics – 27.9%
Buyers guides – 21.6%
Illustrations – 17%

Content Marketing to Rule
With 2012 marking the new rise of content marketing, 2013 as a year seems to be the continuation of the same. When asked from marketers to name the “leading focus” in 2012, 18.9% of marketers cited content marketing, ranking it behind both email and social media, and tied with SEO. For the coming year, the number of marketers listing content marketing as their top priority nearly doubled, to 34.8%, making it the top focus for the highest percentage of respondents in 2013.