Yes, the statement is true. Despite depending upon each other for success, the Sales and Product team share a turbulent relationship. Solid bonding between the teams can only ensure business success as they fail to create magic in silos. And if you are one of them who have successfully managed to achieve the same, I am sure you would agree with me when i say this bundle of surprises that you are enjoying:
  • Shorter sales cycle.
  • More easily achieved target that are always happy to hear from you.

The risky areas:

3 pillars of a strong successful business are:
  • Shared appreciation.
  • Helping crossover.
  • Trust
Very basic, but the risk arises when dysfunctionality arises when one of the three areas is disrupted by any of these three edges of business profitability customer, sales or product. While we’re looking at how Sales and Product Marketing work with each other, it’s worth remembering also that each has a relationship with the customer (or prospective customer).  This customer focus provides a way to align the Sales and Product teams around value creation.

The Shortcomings:

A simple trend can be described as Customers need XYZ, Product team builds it and Sales sell it back to the customers. So where lays the scope of disruption?
  • Both Product and Sales considers their product to be ultimate offering. 
  • Sales reps inability to dig deeper and understand what customers actually want.
  • Product team incompatibility issues while working with multiple teams.


  • Sales reps have to keep on asking ‘Why’ until they reach the source of want.
  • Product teams need to prioritize and solve problems that are the call of the hour.
  • It’s better to accept the fact that all customer problems cannot be solved.
  • But whichever can be make sure that both sales and product teams bring solutions that aim not only satisfy them but excite them too..In simple terms – Overperform! 

Better conversions, More revenue:

Yes this is exactly what you can expect once you have been to combine all product, sales and customer. Have you been able to achieve major milestones through effective strategy implementation, share it with us we are eager to hear from you? Till then, happy blogging!!