What is your USP? Is it projected correctly? That is all that matters. Mapping the perfect business line with a strong mission and drawing out the target audience will not be enough until and unless you start marketing smartly. Leading marketers have agreed to the fact that more than 40% of your marketing problem has been solved if you have been able to answer these two questions:
  • Why should we get associated with you to do business?
  • How are you different from others?

And the answer would be Unique Selling Proposition or USP. We can define it by:

“Saying it as one of the unique value that it so focused and clear almost impossible to miss. One unique thing that no other businesses do or even can”

Some brain storming on the following questions would help you understand your USP:
  • Why should we pay attention to you?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • Why should I bother about your offerings?
  • Why should I act now?

Analysis on the above questions would give you a fair idea about what you should include in your Google ad and on your web page when people click through to convert your message into much more compelling.

Some related ad previews:

  1. Dominos Pizza extreme claim of fresh, hot, sizzling pizza delivery within 30 minutes or less, made it one of the most recognized multi-million dollars food chain enterprise. A simple statement of value can do wonders.
  2. Have you searched for slow computer in Google, the top result included a website called www.RegistryFix.com The Problem is Registry Errors. Scan Your PC Now -- Free Trial. Ad so simple and straight forward, can you beat that?
  3. “Big Ass Fan” had spinned the ad world with some interesting guerrilla marketing strategies. It manufactures fans for warehouses and you need 125,000 cfm of air and 13 standard fans would cost 75 cents an hour and $18 for 24 hours. But run just one Big Ass Fan, and you'll circulate the same amount of air for $0.88 a day.

Even a popular data mailing list site Thomson Data(www.thomsondata.com) has implemented the same strategy and benefited extravagantly from it. Plan out your USP right up front, everything from the keywords and ads to the price of your product fall into place. So what are you waiting for call your marketing team today and start planning. Till then keep reading!!