Have you ever thought of a day when you not signed in any one of your social media sites? Well it almost becomes a similar proverb to describe a fish without water. In today’s digital world, social media is the place to be and since it is here where most of the people are many marketers are trying to put it to maximum use by increasing the conversion rates.

The main objective for any business marketer in social media is to increase the bottom line and if the activities are not properly synchronized, all the efforts can go in vain.

Now, if you want to improve your conversion rates using social media it’s imperative to follow these 4 excellent social media tricks:

1.      Include - Call to Actions:

Do not just create a loyal following; include value propositions in your links and updates lets say instead of posting a link to download you most recent whitepaper, also include a small note as to why they should download it and what is the benefit to them?

2.      Set – Goals:

Consider social media as a simple marketing tool and follow the rules of researching, segmenting, targeting and setting goal strategy. Following the rules would assure that you have the proper understanding of the tool and ready to use it.

3.      Add – Social media sharing buttons:

Promotion is the key why most of the content is read, watched and shared and what most matters is when others think your content to be shareable. Therefore always add social media buttons to your content for the ease of sharing.

4.      Be found:

Optimize social profiles as you would do to your website and include keywords in the description field and a link back to your website. Utilize related hashtags within posts to be found in Twitter search. Follow and re-tweet others to attract attention.

It’s always advisable to measure the result of your efforts with any analytics tool available, to know the major social media sites that are important. Accordingly you can focus on these sites and try to improve your conversion rates.