Graph Search is the result of Facebook’s New Year experiment to enhance user experience and be more B2B relative. And guess what it really is something to look forward to. Graph Search is specially designed to be a discovery engine for your “social graph” – the network of friends or and brands you “like” in Facebook – it allows to parse your network and address messages to a select number of people based on specific criteria.

Graph Search when available to a large number of people would actually be able to determine the most engaged customers and potential fans to target them for special deals, offers and promotions.

Innovation – The Only Possible Way to Survive!!
Facebook has definitely been consistent in this phase as most of the features launched have been able not only to raise company’s stock prices but also created amicable people’s interest.

The darker side:

Say bye to LinkedIn Answers:
Yes they are going away, a major competitor for a popular question and answer platform Quora. It was known that LinkedIn Answers did not meet the social network’s target for user engagement.

Declining phase of YouTube:
A striking report showed that YouTube lost almost 6 billion monthly views, from June to November 2012 and other user friendly, content rich video sites has gained almost 13 billion views (Source: Mashable Inc.)

The brighter side:

Facebook Again!!
Yes, again this outstanding social networking site has done it again. Facebook introduced free phone calls through its messenger app to help dozens of sales people and B2B start ups.

Twitter just got trendy!!
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has decided to make come back to this ruling social website and though it is not quite clear how much would she be tweeting herself, but whenever she does it shall be signed as – “mo”.

Whatever shall be the future of it, Facebook has definitely got it right this time and if you get a chance to us it, let me know how you feel about it..Till then, keep blogging!!