So wondering what buyer personas are, well they are research-based profile of an archetypal customer that represents needs of many. Now you may be wondering how this personals work for B2B, well they bring focus, empathy and consensus to your campaigns.

For ex- When designing a campaign you tend to think everything in a larger picture, but in reality bigger audience + more targets = less focus.

How Personas solves your problem?

By creating buyer based personas would help you become more targeted and truly understand who your buyer is, just build up a profile that includes a story about the person, what are his lifestyle all about and you are good to go..

The Start:

Just begin by drawing goals and attitudes. Ask questions like what do they respond to? What are their behaviors  Do your research perfectly.

Collect Information:

The best way would be to interview. Once buyer personas are determined schedule user interviews that last for almost 20 minutes and try and cover information that you would require to build a successful campaign.

Create personas:

  • After gathering all your research data, start developing unique segments that groups:
  • Goals (what do you want to accomplish)
  • Behaviors (what they do)
  • Attitudes (knowledge, perception) into unique segments.

You are successful, when you know the personas are:

  • Distinct from each other
  • Cover the market
  • Feel real (I’ve talked to that person)
  • Easy to explain

Avoid Mistakes:

Do not skip research. You may get away with it in the beginning but troubles would start pouring in when you have to push it through the clutter.


Remember personas are full sized businesses that help you to get your positioning right. But the challenge is to make out time to devote for preparing the personas. Once you have able to achieve that you have already won half the race, the rest will fall in place accordingly.