“Thank you and your order would be delivered within 2-3 days!!” one more sales completed.  Sales closure approaches in B2B defines how well you have engaged the prospect in the sales cycle and how good are your negotiation skills. Depending on the situation, different sales people can employ different techniques for faster, simpler and smarter sales closures.

The Sales Situation:

Imagine you are sitting in front of the senior purchasing director of a reputed company. And you have waited long for this deal to crack and know this would be ‘The One’, the only hitch is that you have quoted a price little higher than your competitors.

Based on the situation you can employ any of these

Interesting Sales Closing Approaches:

1.  Compassion selling: “You have hesitation regarding the color, I understand but many customers felt the same way until they bought it. This color is very popular”.
2.  The crowded room: One of the reasons I wanted to wrap this up today for you is that we only have five blue items left in inventory.
3.   A choice: "Mr. Jones, would you like the blue color or the red color?"
4.  The impending doom: "Mr. Jones, one of the reasons I wanted to wrap this up today for you is that the price increases tomorrow."
5.  Logical: "If I can prove to you, without a doubt, that blue will work, will you give it a try?"
6.  The Challenge: "Mr. Jones, I don't think you will need the blue color. Can I show you the red color?"
7.  Value Added: "Mr. Jones, we have developed customer financing so you won't have to worry about that."
8.  Kick the Tires: "Mr. Jones, it looks like you are having some doubts. I'll tell you what, buy it and take it home for a couple of days. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, bring it back for a full refund."

There are hundreds of sales techniques available but I have mentioned only a few understanding that a B2B Customer would have a different attitude, different expectation and altogether different decision process to make, so employ any of these interesting deal closing strategies and see the wonders happening!!