“Keep exploring, look out for newer challenges”, says a B2B marketer. But why? 

For a business to survive and thrive it’s always important to keep exploring newer markets and clients. Said that how can B2B marketers look out for innovating Sales and Marketing.

Going through all seminars, webcasts and management books, that present dozens of formulas for setting up a successful business, finding greener marketing pastures is not rocket science.

Market penetration or Market development, whatever you call it actually thrives on five simple rules of marketing: Lets discuss the same:

1.    “Market” – Either to the Draggers or the Hip-hoppers:

The reach of internet has enlightened even the remotest; therefore target markets would linger within two types of people – the Draggers (confused) and the Hip-hoppers (brilliant).
·         Where the confused have no idea of what they want and can be persuaded to buy anything,
·         The brilliant can be persuaded to believe that your offering is the best and therefore worth seeking for.

2.       “Create”  - A heart touching story:

Early concept of mass-mailing is turning out to be vague now. Today customers rule out messages that does not sync in within their interest level. Therefore if the advertising channels have to promote your product build a story that should not only be heart touching but also compelling enough to create some sales.

3.       “Promote” – Idea not product:

It was told that people often buy according to logic or per suitability to pockets, mostly wrong. In every product segment there lies a brand that uses an idea or story to engage people to buy more. For ex- In TV segment new age technology that claims to soothe your eyes sell better than normal LCD TV’s. Try out that!!

4.       “Device” – A new market segment:

Place your product at the “logical extreme” of some aspect of your product category. Analye and find out if a typical product comes with added benefits. If that is the case, just make your product free and charge minimally for the services provided. It would result in a fair game.

Always do start with the packaged information that is already stored in form of market research, consumer databases and market experience. Do not hesitate to go beyond the safer zone and explore the wild!!
Till then wishing you a very Happy New Year!!