Last week, we already discussed some tips that B2B marketers can borrow from B2C principles for branding success. However I had promised to come back with a detailed discussion on the strategies, so here I am.

Refreshing your memory: We basically talked about:

·       Analyzing the B2B sales cycle and how B2C inspire B2B strategies
·      B2C marketing tactics that influences successful B2B purchase decision, like building a memorable brand and to make sure that the brand remain on top of the customers mind.

So what tips can B2B marketers follow to start thinking more like your B2C colleagues? Well here are some strategies that B2B marketers can implement straightaway:

1.     Understand customer’s brain dynamics:
All of your customers are made of business professional’s looking to make economical, risk-averse and high value purchase for their company. Therefore keep their risk and needs in mind while formulating business strategies.

2.     “Best Value For Cheap Money”: Create similar striking brand recall:
Be creative on cultivating new slogans and messages to differentiate you from others. Make it in sync with your customer taste and is easy to remember so that it stays on top of the mind.

3.     Graphics are always crowd pullers:
Try using splashy, interactive and memorable graphics for your brand message. Words can be messed up but images always create an important impact on mind.

4.     Be creative but be consistent too:
It’s good to use different creative images but make sure that they are consistent with your brand messages across every media channels like paid ads, social media, sales sheets, webinars and most importantly your website.

5.     Customers are not robots; treat them well as –“Humans”:
Oh yeah, definitely your customers are hard core business people but deep down inside they are common humans with a heart. Treat them well with a personal touch or a humorous laugh that would stand you out in millions.

B2B marketers do a very difficult job in a high pressured and competitive market. So whenever you meet one do not forget to shake hands and acknowledge them. Their efforts, well, they definitely pay off!!