You have made all the initial preparation, have a proper plan in place, implemented each and every aspect and are now eager to measure the success of your SEO. Well to begin, SEO is a long term process. It takes considerable time to see the results of your efforts. However if you keep these three things in proper place, you have done a good job:

·         Building proper links.
·         Regularly building the links
·         Active in all social media channels

Why is it difficult?

Measuring SEO success in white or grey is not possible as there are so many ingredients that works in and around your SEO that it becomes impossible to say what boosts up or pulls it down.
However we have compiled few factors that can explain if your SEO is set on the right direction:

1. If Website Traffic has multiplied:

Search engines should not be your last and only resort. As a good SEO campaign should be able to drive maximum traffic from different sources like direct traffic, referrals, organic traffic and more.

2. Sudden spotlight over Non-branded keywords:

If there are sudden surge of visitors and non-branded keywords are responsible for it. Mate you are on right track. It proves that these long tail keywords indirectly promoted over in website has driving in few visitors.

3. Full house!! Incredible increase of visitors:

Your analytics report would help you tracking the number of visitors over a period. Well sudden increase after gradual dips in a website proves that your website are showing up at the right places for the right type of traffic.

4. Redirecting qualified leads:

SEO’s goal is to increase targeted traffic to your website. In a simple logic, if your website is targeting the right keywords, right people will be directed to your website that would result in more qualified leads.

In SEO, slow and steady wins the race. You cannot expect overnight results from your SEO campaign. However if you are curious than ever, the above mentioned key indicators will help you understand the success or failure of your SEO campaign