Flickr may be new in the social media world but it has become the most popular photo site on the web and also a breakthrough in advertising.

In Flickr you can find number of professional portfolios, amateur albums and other commercial purposes. It’s time now to break the misconception that Flickr cannot be used to advertise. Though the terms and conditions during joining the site clearly mention the same, however some indirect tactics if correctly used can solve your problem:

Here are few tricks that would help you in social media advertising through Flickr:

1.       Pay and Get -  The perfect account:

Just for $25 you can avail an official icon that would reflect that you are a pro user (adding more credibility) and providing upgraded features like unlimited photos, HD videos and photo replacement.

2.       Tag and Organize:

 Always, always tag your photos. Say if your photo is of a river; do not forget to tag keywords like nature, water stream and other relevant to it. Correct tags always have a greater chance to rank higher over a search engine.

3.       Be active – Join more groups:

It’s all about increasing your visibility over social media world, join more groups, interact better, participate in contests, give comments on other photos; and this is not the end, be more daring and start your own group and invite people to join it.

4.       Marketing – The other way around:

It’s true that you cannot link outside pages from Flickr but you can anytime use the technique of reverse marketing.
Steps: Embed links on photos of your blog -> Share it the maximum times over other social media sites Facebook, Twitter –> Allow third party sites to view your Flickr page.

5.       Creative and Common:

Share and care is what the web is full off. Select a few photos that people can use to multi purpose. These photos should be easy to embed with links and author names, enjoy it in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.

Phenomena: As time goes by, there are certain discoveries that promise to make your life easier and comfortable. Same applies to Social media segment where people create new sites to fit in their ever changing audiences. Now, not all creations are unique and commendable, some are genuine and some are mere carbon copies of the most successful in social media.

The handiness of Flickr is undeniable just use the above tricks and enjoy the benefits!!!