B2B marketers definitely have the most difficult job in the planet. Have you ever tried creating an unforgettable brand from an equally monotonous product, and still make them look interesting? Well, this post would cover most of these aspects.

To start of how a B2B sales cycle works. Below is a brief:
·         Educate the potential buyers
·         Share knowledgeable content
·         Convince people to choose your products over competitors.

Now how are they able to achieve this? Simple, B2B marketers take inspiration from B2C principles. Here’s an example:

Create a B2B brand recall. Let’s say you feel this acute desire to have a drink and reach out for a Coke in store which also has ABC Cola. Without a second thought you would reach for Coke. Why? You are acquainted with the brand and have certain trust build up.

If ABC Cola was marketed in a different way: “ABC Cola tastes like Coke but 100% organic”!! This would have infused certain confidence in the brand, forcing you to at least try it.

Risk Factor: Your wife has asked to buy Coke for a party. And you have already seen banners of ABC Cola and somehow recognize the brand. But you still pick up Coke from the store. Why? Coz it is a less risky decision, as similar to a lot of business decisions are made keeping the risk factor in mind.

Let’s say you bought the ABC Cola for the party and people didn’t enjoy it. Now such a situation would create a bad impression of you and even your wife starts blaming you for the choice. 

So, what ABC Cola could have done differently (like adpoted a B2C stratetgy) to convince the business buyer:
1. Build brand awareness
2. Share example and referrals who have thrown successful parties with ABC Cola
3. Influence you co-workers or executives to buy ABC Cola
4. Make sure that the brand stays on top of the mind.

Here's how B2B marketers can promote their brand is the same old B2C strategy but with a twist. Along with creating a memorable brand experience B2B marketers; like B2C also understand:
1. Who is your buyer and what influences him.
2. Important ingredients for purchase decision and what type of promotion foster the same.
3. Research, case studies and best practices to remove the risk of decision.
4. Distributing messages to different touch points of sales cycle.

Hey, but this topic would remain incomplete without discussing B2C inspired strategies that B2B marketers should start implementing immediately. So keep following as I will be back soon!!