You have been hearing about the concept of personal branding for years now, both in your professional arena as well as in your effective job search. So what exactly is a Personal Brand? We can say that it is the value that you create for yourself. Personal branding identifies who you are and what you do and accordingly position you within the job market. You can use both traditional marketing strategies and different social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter and Technorati, to promote your personal trademark.

So, in this blog, I would be giving you certain easy to follow tips that would help you plan and develop your personal brand:

   1. Be consistent and set achievable goals

Spend some time with yourself, understand what your core strengths are and play with it. Build a consistent brand with your core strengths, skills and experience.  A brand that is simple enough to define and connect with is always easy to remember.

   2. Value yourself in sync with the market

In addition to the contribution you can make to an organization, your skills and experiences come with a price tag. Decide what you are worth of, using knowledge of the current job market and the salary paid for different skills.

   3. Stand apart from others

Do proper research about your target audience and market yourself accordingly. Something that differentiates you from the conventional, certain expertise that was not noticed by others is something upon which you can plan your personal brand.

   4. Diligently choose your communication forums

After completing your initial preparation, it is time to decide how to launch you. It is not necessary to be present in every social networking channel.  Each of your target audience is different and choosing your channel adds to your branding. Start off with Linkedin and forums or Twitter and personal blog. Keep analyzing these arenas and decide which one works best for you.

   5. Plan and execute your strategy

It is now time to execute your plan for personal strategy. Decide how often you should post, on your blog, Twitter and on Facebook  Give yourself ample time to plan the effectiveness of each strategy.

   6. Interact with Aces

Intelligent interaction always pays off. Find out who are the most visited people of your blog or those who are following you. Network with them and comment on their blogs or posts.

   7. Schedule your program

Create a list of ‘work to do’ for the week. Do you wish to have a certain theme or have more interactions? Every move should promote the self branding positively.

The essence of this post is to create a brand of yourself and educate your target market about the unique value that you can provide, unlike your competitors. Also push yourself to keep innovating! 

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