Looking ahead the economy has seen the emergence of many global small businesses with the passion of making it big someday. All of the efforts to make your small business successful boils down to one fact: how the customers behaviour are changing and how to reach your targeted customer in a smarter and faster way. So you have to deal with both types of customers: the ones who you already know and the ones that you need to know.

So how small business can best approach them-Technology? But technology has been evolving day in and day out. Leading to customer fragmentation and generating new touch points. Devices like Smartphones, social media, smart appliances, self-driving cars has made customers to build their own universe connected to each other with shared experiences. This has evolved them as customers who want you to find them.

With such options available at hand, it takes research to understand which medium would best fit your goal of understanding how customer segmentation is happening, ways to target them effectively and more about those customers whom we are not able to reach now.

It all depends on you to translate all the technology options into opportunities. So let us discuss 10 such movements to review for opportunities:

1.Look out for social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Goole plus, how are  they connecting influencers and businesses.
2.Solutions like Yelp, Service Magic which are basically referral based.
3.Facebook location updates and Foursquare where you can share your location and earn points.
4.Use outsourced discounts and deals like Groupon and LivingSocial and evaluate what values and what not.
5.Platforms such as Badgeville and Fangager , the games platform that has improved loyalty and commerce.
6.How are your customers using mobile and what apps are they mostly downloading and using.
7.Building your online presence using different platforms like tablets,   smartphones, and laptops.
8.Judge the expectations of the connected customers, why they value one channel over another?

The success of any company cannot be judged by the fact whether it is too small or too big. It is always determined by the way how many lives you have been able to touch and change.  Therefore try out any of the opportunities to find out different ways to market, engage and serve your customers.