Marketing trends have changed continuously over past several years through use of several technology and growing mediums, but this has managed to build effectiverelationships with the customers and also initiated a change in well-branded organization.

With the year passing by, let’s look back and see some important trends that have dominated the marketing space of 2012:

  1. Broader brand presence across different channels: With several channels available at your hand, businesses are inspired by the need of better managing resources by linking two or more approaches to create a truly coherent brand across multiple channels.
  2. Growth of user generated content: This is a trend that has caught momentum in 2011; content that comes directly from the potential or existing customers is likely to grow on a value.
  3. Mobile marketing becomes the centre of attraction: With 59% of UK consumers now in possession of Smartphone and 18% owning a tablet device, shows the potential customers that browses and shops on the move.
  4. Business brands and social media gets closer: Not only big companies, but also smaller organizations would start using social media to actively connect with customers. This means customer service and customers interaction will evolve further due to social media.
  5. Determining proper value of analytics: Companies would start recognizing the value of analytics that will allow them to maximize on flexibility of social media marketing by adapting their content according to live viewer response.
  6. Personalizing your marketing tactics: The increasing growth of content’s role within online marketing and the growing presence of online, niche communities have tremendously increased the value and popularity.
  7. Diversified content: With the increase of personalised marketing, more companies will start content that is focused on telling stories about their business and products or services.  Companies will need to draw out the stories from within their workforce – and encourage their workforce to share stories.
  8. Video gets all the credit: With increased impact of customer feedback and recommendations, companies prefer more user focused forms of viral marketing.
However the best way to analyse which opportunities works best for you completely depends on the ROI each methods bring out. Trends of 2012 have already set precedence for 2013, so we can better judge which marketing features are going to dominate the marketing space.