Promote your products & services using Doctors Mailing Lists of Thomson Data. Get high response with qualified sales campaigns.
The costs of selling are escalating day by day and it is now imperative to closely watch you budget. 

One effective ways to control costs and achieve higher revenues is to micro-tune your targeted customer base, by focusing on specific medical departments. 

For example, it's easy to see how the needs of psychologists could be different from orthopedic physicians. By using Thomson Data's customized doctor mailing lists you can take advantage of these disparities to propel your products forward, generating higher revenues and achieving much better niche market penetration.

As per the reports, the USA is hovering with the medical representatives and so they form a very lucrative target market as their income is touching the sky. As per reports:
·         Average salary of a family physician is $145,000
·         Cardiologist’s average income is $850,000
·         Neurologist’s average salary counts to be $667,000

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