Is mobile marketing is not of our marketing mix? If not, you are missing on a huge opportunity. According to Forrester Research, 3 out of 4 marketers have mobile marketing in their list. 

The important part is to make your site comfortable with mobile. Almost three quarters of Smartphone’s owner’s access emails and shop using their Smartphone’s.

Going by the statistics, current marketers has shifted their focus completely into mobile marketing. I would suggest these simple steps for implementing a successful mobile marketing strategy:

  1. Always be reachable: Findability for those on the go is critical, whether you are a retail store or a restaurant. Your customers should be able to find you so turn yourself to related services like Yelp and Google maps for better search credibility.
  2. Understand mobile customer: Do an extensive research on your mobile customers: what are they looking for, what exactly do they search for in repeat and what are their behaviour patterns? With data in hand try and build a personal relationship with your customers by providing the most of their search areas.
  3. Upgrade your website to become mobile friendly: Studies shows that 50% of Smartphone users leave the page if it is not loaded within 10 secs and they do not wish to come back again. Best option is to hire an industry leading mobile web technology platform will help you create a top-of-the-line mobile website that draws traffic and drives sales
  4. Mobilize Email Marketing: 75% of Smartphone users access their email or online content daily. Use a catchy or striking headline or delivering a mobile email highlighting the latest news in your industry or information about daily deals of your company can be an exciting way to lure the occasional visitor.
  5. Be Social: A research by Rhythm New Media suggests that 67% of mobile users use Facebook once per day. One of the main ways consumers are using their mobile phones is to access their social media sites. Therefore having a presence on these sites would dramatically increase the traffic to your mobile webpage.

While starting off with your mobile marketing strategy it is good to learn from and accept for change. Mobile industry is dynamic and there is not a hard and fast rule that would ensure prolonged success. Therefore keep trying something new and follow this simple guideline to upgrade and update your business today.