In September 2011 the world saw the launch of Google plus and there was a sudden surge of involvement of B2B marketing engagement. Google allowed users to create brand profile pages, creating a buzz among both B2C and B2B marketing. In the past year Google plus has shown an effect on search results, proving to be more valuable to B2B marketers.

So let’s discuss, why B2B marketing even in the niches should try Google plus:

  •  Concept of “circles”: One way to create value for your followers is to create a public circle of industry journalists, bloggers, influencers or trade show attendees and the share ‘it’. This would make easy for people to ‘circle’ these profiles, boosting B2B marketing.
  • Find the best way to use circles: Best technique of B2B marketing in Google plus is not to search for individual people rather search for circles that other people have shared. Do a more targeted search like type a keyword ‘B2B marketing’ to bring up related circles.
  •  Sending alerts through Email: If you want to share a post with someone who is not registered in Google plus. You can + or @ their email address and Google plus would send the message. Use this feature carefully, as this could be a great platform for B2B marketing.
  • Conduct a poll: Rather than embedding a poll in Google plus, you can just ask a question and add comments below as answers.  Readers can +1 whichever option they choose or disable comments on the post to make people vote rather than comment, creating scope for B2B marketing.
  •  Responseof Email: As Google plus is embedded in so many products of Google, when you receive an email notification of someone +mentioning you in a post in your Gmail, you can view the entire post and respond without any disruption, saving time, essential for B2B marketing.  
  • Be humble and share credits: As Google plus helps you to build followers, make sure to acknowledge the credits of your discoveries. +mention the people, companies that are the source of that information, creating more connection for your B2B business.
  • Count your followers: Just roll over the profile in Google plus to see follower’s history and the number of +1, reshares and comments, without even leaving the page, important for your B2B marketing.
  • Easy responses: One click of the button + or the ‘and more’ part of this extension in Google plus provides more reach for your posts, also to other social networking sites.
  • MultiShare: Streamline allows cross-post in multiple social platforms. What you post in Google+ automatically becomes an update on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, enhancing your B2B marketing efforts.

Google plus, in terms of features, is definitely a way ahead from individual to individual connection to a more business to business connection. Therefore could prove more fruitful for your B2B marketing decisions