Creating a website is a tedious task, but more important and challenging is to keep your website visitors engaged and glued to your website.  Static  sites have no place in the market, it is those sites that win, which have interesting content, creative designs, and wisely planned layout.  

In today’s scenario the internet plays a very crucial role in all the industries; online marketing has also been developing with time and having an active website is a must. Sites that deliver compelling user experiences are significantly more effective in generating leads, servicing customers, and promoting business growth.

Business websites are always looking for new ways to imprison the short attention span of the visitors, to make them come back for more. Therefore, here are few effective tips to keep your visitors loyal to your website:

1. Avoid Clutter:

A very important point for all those web designers who think they can clutter the page with all the web designs they possibly can do! Clutter can be excessive advertisements, images that don’t add anything to the page, text that is crammed in with very little white space, or anything else that unnecessarily causes a distraction for visitors.

Use of colors and fonts should be executed wisely, and should not be a pain to the eyes. Avoid using multiple hues and go for two uniform contrasting colors for the entire website to create a pleasant appearance. The font size should be readable but not loud.

The layout should be simple and approachable; it should be easy for the visitors to navigate through the website. Do not disappoint your visitors by having major ads and other junk spammed through the primary areas, instead intelligently add these features so that they blend in with your overall theme and style.

The images you use see to it that those are relatable and enticing to the visitors. It should be well connected to the content of the website. And if your adding videos to your website, then please make sure they are not directed to auto-pay, nothing can annoy the visitors than unwanted videos and noise. 

2. Content can make it or break it:

Very clearly and evidently we all know that the main reason why visitors enter your website is, for meaningful and commendable content. The content has to be worthy enough to capture your reader’s attention and should create the urge among them to share the content.

Content can vary from images to blogs to videos, in the condition that it is reliable and meaningful. Well-built, quirky headings, which are captivating and creates an urge in the minds of the visitors to read more, should be present. Proper keywords should be used, so that it makes it easier for your visitors to search and understand.

You also must consider that it is your content that has the power to generate an action. Allow your users to get involved with your website by watching a video, playing a game, or reading a blog. Make your content is as interactive and fun as possible. No one appreciates a bland and boring content, so don’t compromise on creativity.

3. Social Media:

Your aim should not be just to connect with your visitors on your website, but more. Make use of the different Social Medias that are available and brand your product/service wisely. Give your visitors other routes to interact with your company.

Create Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Tweet your way up. In today’s scenario being active on social media can be way more beneficial than any other form of marketing.

4. Create User Friendly Links:

Keep it simple and easier for your visitors to navigate through the various links available in your website. It is very annoying when you are told what to do and what not to, right? Similarly, your visitors will not want to be told where to click and where not to click. These are the major highlights of spam websites that are trying to scam their visitors, for example “click here”, is like you are directing your visitor’s movement on your website.

Help your readers and gain interest of those viewers who actually will convert and buy into your marketing is the key.  Provide your visitors with keywords and summary of where the link will be taking them to, this will prevent them from getting into unwanted pages.

Engaging your visitors to your website should be your topmost priority as this helps to concert the traffic to leads. These rules of keeping your website customer friendly can be very beneficial. The simplest and the foremost rule that you should always remember is to keep it simple; nothing looks more pleasing than simplicity.

Generate laughter, make your website user friendly and also a forum where your visitors can come and distress themselves. Memes, funny but informational video clips, quotes, etc. always make your visitors feel good.