There are plenty of variables that have to be taken care of before making your website and content come up on top of the SEO list.One has to cope up with between good content, back links and good balance of natural and paid exposure,due to which you will be left with little time to worry about. But there is one email marketing evil known ‘Email Bounce Rate’ that can cause a serious threat to the growth of your online marketing techniques or maybe not.

Email bounce rate can be defined as, “the percentage of visitors that arrive at your blog and then leave without visiting any other pages.” Email marketing has increased over time, so has the email bounce rate. Actively managing your email bounce rate can reduce your email delivery costs and increase conversions, improving the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.

Email bounce rate can be caused due to various reasons, and not all of them are bad. Here are few examples that will help you know whether it is a serious threat or not:

1. Bad Content:

The main reason for high email bounce rate is a poor content. Poor content can make visitors exit without even paying visit on the company website. You can look at the average time individuals are spending on the page; if the average time is low, then is a high possibility that the readers are finding the content irrelevant and of no use. Pages that have high bounce rates and low average times spent on the page has to checked and investigated thoroughly.

2. Good Content:

Ironic?! Yes, a high bounce rate can also be due to a very good content, due to which your readers get everything in a go and they don’t find it necessary to any further into the website. It is possible that your visitors read and go through all the written materials that has been posted in the form of blogs, articles, etc. and have gained the necessary information and hence leave the page satisfied. Hence, high bounce rates are not always bad, and in these scenarios it can be more success than failure.

3. Slow Website:

A slow and unresponsive website can be a big turn off for people who are looking for something relevant in no time. This can be for a number of reasons and is best addressed with your hosting company or provider, but the end result is a bad experience for visitors.

4. Maybe You Are Making Money:

If you have advertisements running on your websites then the possibility is that bounce rate is due to effective advertisements. If visitors are visiting your page and clicking on the advertisements, than this will lead to lofty bounce rates. Very evidently this is not a bad thing at all, as you are gaining revenue for all the affiliate clicks and procure.

Well, when we think of bounce rates we only think of losses that we incur, it is essential that you reduce your bounce rate, to enhance your websites productivity and increase the ROI. But, always investigate and analyze the cause of high bounce rate, you never know but it might be just adding on to your success rate.