The ability to influence is very essential and vital in ones career, management and leadership. A good influencer is often looked up on and can be well suited for a leader’s position. We are constantly trying to influence people by our words in every phase of our life, during a job interview you are trying to influence and convince the interviewee that you are the best suited candidate; or in your personal life where you are constantly trying to influence your lover that no one can love him/her more than you do.

Influence can be defined as, “changing someone’s behavior.” But it is nothing but, taking hold of a situation that you have no control of. A person who is good at influencing would never sit back and watch things happening and falling to its place accordingly, but he would rather get people falling for what he says and let things happen according to his will.

Influencing is something we learn the earliest in life, but with maturing and age we undermine our ability to influence and instead get easily influenced by others. Here are a four of the most effective ways we can influence others:

1. Zip it and Listen:

Nothing better than listening to what people have to say from their likes, dislikes, perceptions and intentions. After listening to your colleagues and learning what they really are looking for, you can add on to it and accordingly talk your way out to influence their minds.

2. Rational Persuasion:  
A good influencer is definitely the one who can make rational persuasion on his colleagues, and present it in such a way like it is the only available option. A rational persuasion is all about making your point sound as flawless as possible and getting people to agree with whatever you say.

This method is most often used upward, such as making the case for the feasibility of a certain initiative to your boss or proposing plan objectives to your Board or executives.

3. Be giving:

In an organization your friends are not the kind of friends for life that you generally have, they are yor fellow workers and hence work for the same goal. Therefore, never wait for your friends to come and help, if you just keep waiting for it to happen then let me making really clear that it is not going to happen.

In an organization it is all about give and take, so you come forward and put on your helping shoes and be ever ready to provide full assistance if required. Offering assistance on a fairly consistent basis will show that you are invested in making each person on your team successful, and are not simply looking to pull ahead of the pack. This will in turn increase your team’s willingness to help when you’re in a bind.

4. Work Outside your Comfort Zone:

In an industry like online marketing, it is based on an ever changing scenario. Technology is constantly rising and everyday something new and innovative is being discovered. So for an online marketer what is important today might not be the same tomorrow.

There will tactics and techniques you are not aware of, but by learning, observing and working outside your comfort zone will help you to understand your job in a holistic manner. Adaptability and quick problem solving will increase perception that you are an innovator within the organization.

5. Collaboration:

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”, is what they say. Always go for a brainstorming session, this will help you open up and know your team members better, this way you can collaborate with the ideas you think is worth it and come up with a more fuller and productive idea.

Letting people know what you have in your mind and how their idea can help to come with something enormous will make each one feel important and hence your value will also increase.

“The herds seek out the great, not for their sake but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need,” once said the great, Napolean Bonaparte. Therefore, your influence will only work if you carry out in a sturdy and effective manner.

This was just a mere opinion from my side, but i m a little curious to know how you guys feel about being influential in your organization. do you think it is just another self centered attempt to get yourself on the top, or can it really add on to the betterment of the company.