Branding is all about promoting your product or services in such a way that it successfully creates a niche for itself in the market. To be more precise branding is not about getting your audience to choose you over other brands, but to be the only brand in the eyes of your audience who provide what they are looking for.

Well marketing has evolved from offline to online, and now it gives you more scope to know your target audience better and brand your product or services in larger arena, because the internet has the whole world surfing and constantly looking for something new. Therefore, this leaves you to monitor your brands effectiveness in the right way.

Here are few tips on how to monitor your brand’s effectiveness successfully:

1. Engage your Audience:

Marketing is not about campaigns and processions, but it is all about building a good relation with your existing customers. Keeping them happy, content and engaged.  Social media helps you to be a best friend to your customers by providing them with informational brochures, lucky coupons, videos, and funny memes and lot more online goodies.

The best example of branding I saw recently has to be coca cola’s “happiness machine” commercial online. The ad was simple but it successfully engages the audience and in a way it creates happiness in the young minds.

2. Make Your Content Share Worthy:

Create content that is informational, positive and share worthy. Your content should be valuable and people whoever come across your content should naturally get the urge to share your content on different forums, this way you can add on more and more connections among your audience network.

Nothing can be better than creating a viral content for your brand. Viral videos, pictures and information spread like wildfire and this will increase your fan followers in these various social media sites, from Facebook to Pinterest.

3. Tried the 20-to-1 Rule Yet? :

Haven’t heard if this rule before? Well, it means that you have to make twenty relational deposits for every marketing withdrawal. If you want to build a social media platform in which people can listen to you, then you have to be a giver, not a taker. It is all about sharing a useful piece of information and being selfless in giving, because once cannot accept anything without giving in anything. So that in future when you as a brand as a marketer ask for something you will have your fans and followers respond to you.

4. Monitor Feedback:

You should be completely aware of what is happening and what is not happening with your brand. A carefree attitude will only take your brand to shambles. A reputed and successful brand is always open to feedback in the form of criticisms or appreciation.

Create a station where you can monitor what people are saying. This has three benefits- One, you can address your customer’s concerns. Two, you can receive immediate market feedback. And three, it demonstrates that you are listening and are responsive.

5. Engaging Blogs and Websites:

Nowadays every products or services have their own website where they feed in their company profile, strengths and weaknesses, their achievements etc. but having site is not enough, but regularly updating it with newest information’s and news, it should be compelling and make people want to come back for more.

On the other hand it is always an add on if your website has a blog which is creative, fun and interactive. Blogs are medium through which people can know various news and information in a conversational manner. Yes, it is also very important that your website and blog is visually appealing but more than anything else what holds your audience back is the content.

Building a brand is not just about figures and numbers, but it is about creating a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience and keeping your audience as an asset throughout your brand’s lifetime. But to get noticed in the crowd of 50 or more similar products or services can be very difficult and challenging.

Therefore, to all the marketers who are working hard on an effective branding; there is a lot of room for creativity and innovation. Thinking out of the box might not be beneficial all the time, but doing the usual in a more dedicated and interactive way can make you the top most in the minds of your fans.