It’s known that the Memorial Day kick starts the summer days. If not officially, but still you can take it as unofficial. Summer means more vacations, more barbeques, and less time in the office. It may be good for many, but no doubt it would be a fighting period for any of the B2B marketers.
So, to help beat the heat, here are some useful tips that can help you to fall the temperature.

1. It’s time to review:

Seriously, this would be the perfect time to review your website and its content. You might not get another chance to re-analyze your marketing tricks in near future. The time when the visitors are not visiting the site often, that time you need to brain storm about the past and try forecast the future plans and ideas.

2. Update your LinkedIn Profile:

Now it’s the time to make those updates which were neglected at the busier time. As now everybody is enjoying the summer pinch, update your profile photo with professional headshot. Create a benefits-oriented headline to describe yourself. Make sure you are linking to your other social media profiles. And don’t forget to take time to update your summary so that it truly paints a picture of who you are as a professional and gives a glimpse of what clients can expect when working with you.

3. Try a new tool or social networking site:

By far the biggest struggle with social media and marketing tools that we hear from our clients is the lack of time to learn about and maintain them. Take a few moments to explore a new tool – you just might discover something truly useful. And by the time your schedule and workload picks up again, you will be armed with a handful of marketing tools to make things just a little bit easier. A few of our favorites are ScreenR, SlideRocket, and Google Readers. 

4. Crowdsource Content

Crowdsourcing content is really a no-brainer. It allows you to create content while putting minimal effort into the mix, aside from organizing the group and editing the content. It also sets your content up for success in terms of page views and traffic. Typically, you can count on your participants to share, RT, and +1 your content since they had a hand in the creation.

5. Hire a freelancer or Intern:

If you having a small organization and don’t have ample funds to invest, then try to hire some fresh legs into your organization. This is the best time to train him, as the traffic or visitors will be less.

6. Identify new networking opportunities

If ever there is a time to be out and about, summer is it! Making an effort to attend networking events can feel like a struggle during the winter months, at least here in the Northeast, when you have to leave the warmth of your office or home. Take advantage of the warm weather and add some more networking events to your calendar. Or better yet, identify one or two new networking groups to get involved with.