Attracting The RIGHT Channel Partners

Technology brands thrive and survive off channel partners. In fact for companies like Microsoft, HP and Cisco, a sharp decline in their channel marketing efforts could be catastrophic to their bottom line. But that doesn't mean that only the big players have a stake in channel partners. 

Here I’ll outline a few ideas on how entrepreneurs and smaller tech establishments can develop their own channel marketing initiatives! 

Understand your partners - they will have both weak and strong points. Find out what they are by conducting surveys and polls that are aimed at manager-level staff. This will allow you to assess both their preparedness for marketing and their communication weaknesses. Based on your results, develop a game plan to improve and simplify communications between channel partners while reaching out to individuals with specific problem areas.

Strive toward the ideal partner relationship framework, by rewarding the cream of your crop with additional resources and incentives. However, don’t neglect the smaller enterprises within your program – they will be huge someday. To cater to their needs and expectations invite them to webinars and discussion forums where they can learn from your channel partner community and implement measures that will accelerate growth and provide for faster development while streamlining relationships and communication efforts. 


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