First off, there exists a concept that needs to be understood and assimilated by every company executive - consumers care about other consumers’ opinions. You should too. Apart from the fact that customer feedback is the best way to create better, more effective products and to streamline your services, creating portals to resolve customer grievances can help reduce the levels of negative word-of-mouth that you receive.
Plus, resolving a customer’s problem and delivering added value to boot can often turn a rabid critic into an ardent fan. And speaking of fans, creating customer feedback portals (especially on social media) will allow fans to spread the love they feel for your establishment and all it stands for.
You can also ask your happiest and most satisfied customers for reviews. Nothing helps sway a client like a bunch of positive customer reviews. This may be harder to achieve in the B2B sphere, but you should most definitely try. Leverage the information gleaned by your customer support staff to identify your happiest customers, and incentivize review writing with a discount, freebie or even a reciprocal review.

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